Transcontinental Rum Line is the creation of a partnership between venerable French independent bottler La Maison du Whisky and Velier (an Italy-based Rum innovator that developed its own Caribbean Rum line in the 1980s).

Such is the fervour for Transcontinental rums that some retailers have sourced them through the grey market, avoiding taxes, but also leaving transport and storage conditions in the lap of the gods. These are through the authorised global distributor and Australian imported; so fresh and in tip-top condition.

Established in 2017, the project is inspired by the historic, cross-equatorial journeys made by Rum barrels from individual islands to the rest of the world during the spirit’s golden age, at time when Rum was a major commodity. To date, TCRL has released over 30 limited edition bottlings and created quite a stir among Rum aficionados.

The inspiration for Transcontinental Rum Line lies in the age-old tradition of Island Rum being purchased in its youth and transported and matured on the European continent. The bottlers point out that continental-aged rums traditionally display richer and sweeter characters than the more ester-forward island expressions. So, the idea is that a combination of these two ageing methods will produce something unique.

Through an intensive selection process, Luca Gargano and Thierry Bénitah carefully select only the finest barrels they believe warrant the small-batch nature of their product. Less than 10 casks are chosen for each Rum, so batches rarely exceed 2000 bottles. The Rums complete their ageing at LMDW’s facility in Cognac Introducing …